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The meeting had to be cancelled. 

Anniversary Conference - 10 Years of

Conference topic issue


Literacy – Potential for Science and Practice 

The online platform aims to support the research and promotion of literacy and to link science and practice across language barriers. Since March of 2010, 33 issues with hundreds of contributions from research and practice have been published. The platform has established itself as a digital journal far beyond the borders of the country.

At our anniversary conference, we want to take up and continue the discussions revolving around the concept of literacy, which have been held on for the past ten years:

  • What role does literature play nowadays in the German-, French- and Italian-speaking research communities?
  • What significance does the concept of literacy have for the practice of promoting reading, writing and media skills - in school and extracurricular contexts?
  • What innovative forms of literacy promotion have emerged since 2010, and in what directions should the practice of literacy promotion develop?

These are some of the questions to be addressed at the conference.

The event is aimed at researchers and mediators who are involved in research and/or promotion of literacy in schools, families, day-care centers, libraries, etc., but also at all other stakeholders from culture and education and other interested parties.

Conference topic issue (to be published in early July 2020)

The number 2/2020 of takes up the topic in the run-up to the conference and publishes more than 10 contributions under the title "Literacy - Potentials for Science and Practice". These current articles will also be discussed at the conference itself and will be related to the retrospective of the contributions of the past 10 years. Number 2/2020 will be published at the beginning of July 2020.

Read more about the concept behind this anniversary issue here (in German, French or Italian).
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